Firm Overview

We are a firm with varied and diverse experience in design for, and of, the built environment. Our experience includes commercial, mid-rise multifamily, adaptive reuse and civic architecture; planning & project entitlements; ADA compliance as well as print and graphic design, sculpture and whimsy. Our work has garnered both regional and national accolades in design and service to the community.


With an emphasis on the needs and goals and a clear understanding of project expectations, we develop a comprehensible and succinct design notion that embodies the synthesis of these concepts into a clear, built idiom.

Mission Statement

A collaborative firm interested in providing a meaningful, supportive and environmentally responsible built environment. We strive for excellence in meeting the clients needs while balancing the influences inherent in the design, planning and construction processes.

We strive for the best outcome within the given parameters and influences on any given project.

Seriously, though…

As much as any designer/architect enjoys credit for a successful or innovative design, the reality is that architecture takes the efforts of many. The owner, architect / design team, consultants and the contractor all must work together. The success of any project is wholly dependent on collaborative efforts by the team.