Here are just a few of our current and previous multifamily projects.

A new 4 plex unit project behind an existing residence on an R1 site in Portland. (Under construction)
Street view of the existing home with the new 4plex behind. The small grey structure is a recycling center.
The Marcus Apartments (unbuilt) – a 12 unit infill project in the historic Irvington neighborhood.
Evening shot of the Marcus Apartments.
Preliminary Rendering of attached housing with ADU concept.
Current Schematic Design for a Duplex on a sloped lot.
Belmont – An unbuilt concept created in tandem with SUM design studio for a vacant lower Belmont street site.
Detail image of deck/bench/trellis “Tongue” concept.
Cascadian Court Condominiums (Completed while employed at another firm.)
TriBeCa – A 59 unit mixed use, multifamily project. (Completed while employed at another firm.)