Adaptive reuse is a term for a building or project that is being re-purposed for a new use or occupancy. Here are a few of our recent and timely projects.

716 SE Grand – Rendering reflecting restored second floor windows and proposed new wood storefront.
2001 S. Main – known locally as the “Anderson Building”. Renovation of storefront and second floor units. Completed May 2017.
Existing signage exposed after failing plaster removed.
Existing Clear Doug Fir flooring was patches and restored in the second floor units.



BruunDock Studios – A former transfer dock repurposed when TriMet Built the Orange line.
Fabulous location!
Interior shop of mezzanine in one of the studios at Bruundock.
Children of the Night Shelter –¬†Former Van Nuys California post office converted into shelter to house 24 children.