Brett K. Laurila

principal / architect

In my home I have this wonderful black & white photograph of my grandfather on a construction site in southern Utah. The image of my grandfather, a master carpenter, is heroic and inspires me to this day. Since my earliest memory, I have been enamored with tools, fabrication and construction, and while these instruments make up the fundamental necessities to create built environment; need, desire and design are the catalysts. While my professional career spans three decades, I spend my weekends with family, am an avid soccer supporter and Timbers fan, work on our mid-century modern home and indulge my need for speed with mid-century air-cooled Teutonic sports cars.

architectural registration & licensure:

• California State Registration
• Nevada State Registration
• Oregon State Registration


• 1996 Letter of Commendation – Portland Police Bureau
• 1993 AIA National – Young Architects Citation
• 1992 National Philanthropy Day – Outstanding Nominee
• 1982 Letter of Commendation – Los Angeles City Fire Department

W. Todd Moon


Todd and Brett have more than 20 years of experience together. Todd maintains his own practice but works with us part time overseeing our transition to Revit as well as being involved in many of our projects. He is a proven leader whose 20+ years of experience includes all aspects of architectural practice: initial client contact, fee generation, contract negotiations, staff management, design, documentation, construction administration, billing, collections and CAD manager. Todd has worn the various hats of project manager, architect, designer and drafter on over 100 projects in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, China and Dubai. Project types include master planning, retail, hospitality, residential, office, ecclesiastical, medical/dental and mixed use, with budgets ranging from thousands of dollars to over 500 million dollars. Delivery methods for these projects span a variety of formats including build to suit, design/build, CM/GC and traditional formats. His strong leadership, organizational skills and proven ability to produce clear, well-coordinated documents are hallmarks of his work.

architectural registration & licensure:

• Oregon State Registration

Mark Verna

project manager

Mark came to Portland from Alaska in 1982 to pursue a degree in Classics at Reed College. After completing this work and falling deeply for this city, Mark began to make his way here in Residential Remodeling and Design. For 15 years as the principal of a build/design firm, Verna Construction (VC), Mark learned and practiced many trades, hands-on, while designing and building a number of projects. Mark started his journey in design with remodels in houses of the 1920’s and teens, in the world of Bungalows, builder/architect kit homes and custom projects that included replacing foundations and even cutting a historic farmhouse in half for restoration at a new location. As Portland changed and grew, so did Mark’s understanding of local and global architecture and design. Clients started to “see further” and expect new ideas and forms to be fit into original contexts. Mark thrived in this new and challenging environment that required close experience with older forms in order to execute programs that incorporated new components seamlessly. As Portland continued to change and mature in regards to architectural tastes, Mark was intent on being capable of carrying a project from initial concept to final finish. This led him to the world of architectural design and practice. Mark arrives at bkl/a architecture excited to be part of a design studio that strives to collaborate and produce work together that is thoughtful, striking and precise.








John Sardari

job captain

John has a B.Arch from The NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego where he lived and worked through school. Why would he trade all of that endless sunshine for nine months of rain every year? That’s a harder question to answer during the rainy months! But since leaving San Diego for rainier climes John has been developing his skills as a woodworker. He has spent years working at woodshops around Portland, designing and making furniture for himself and for clients, and in so doing has honed a greater understanding of materiality, texture, and connection details in his work. This point is important because he believes strongly that we tend to focus too much on what architecture looks like and instead we should be more aware of how we interact with it. What is the point of engagement? Additionally, John is as inspired by art and art theory as he is by architecture. In fact, his interest in studying architecture grew out of an experience he had with a piece of installation art at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In the particular way that great art can change how you see the world, this piece revealed to him the ways that spaces are interwoven and shaped, where-as before he only saw “buildings.” His highest aspiration is to develop spaces that can be even partially as impactful.
When he’s not aspiring to that you may see him at the Portland Art Museum or bicycling down the east bank esplanade (he’s a year-round bike commuter!) or running in his neighborhood park or, more likely, you may find him lively and engaged in some bar-room philosophy talking about art and architecture.


Intern updates:


Matthew completed his summer internship the fall of 2017 and returned to Cal Poly in September to complete his final year. We will miss him (and his mother’s very fine boysenberry preserves!)

We wish him continued success in his endeavors and hope to see his projects this final year!





Walker completed his internship and graduated June 2016 with his Masters In Architecture. He joined SERA here in Portland after graduation. It was wonderful to have him as an intern for the summer and fall of 2015. He is responsible for the portland skyline graffiti art in our building lobby. We wish him continued success in his endeavors.





Nithya returned to school in September after spending the summer of 2016 with us. She graduated in June 2017 with her Masters in Architecture. Nithya is now working in Seattle. Congratulations!






Jake graduated in June 2016 with his Masters In Architecture and worked for us until Mid October 2016. He was responsible for many of our rendered images as well as collaboration on a number of our designs. Jake joined hol/st architecture in October 2016. We wish him the very best!





Isaiah has a special place in our hearts as he showed what we could accomplish by converting to Revit. He graduated in June 2015 and joined MacKenzie. Isaiah has completed his AXP and should be sitting for his licensing exams shortly!





Adina is a designer and modeler beyond reproach! Not really an Intern while here at bkl/a as her abilities and skills were utilized on many of our projects. Adina joined LRS in 2015, recently completed her AXP and should be sitting for her licensing exams soon. Her personal work can be seen here. She has some wonderful short films that should be viewed as well.